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3 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

Over time, pollution and grime accumulate slowly but surely on your windows, both inside and out, obstructing your views and blocking precious sunlight on the Okanagan Valley.

With the proper knowledge and techniques, you will have the cleanest windows in Kelowna.

#1: Choosing a sunny day to clean your windows.

If it's too sunny, it's better to start on the shady side of your house or building or even choose another day because, with the sun, the cleaner will dry.

#2: Skimping on window cleaner.

If your windows look very dirty, it's better to put a lot of cleaner to help you clean your windows easier.

#3: Using an old rag to clean your windows.

It´s always better to clean your windows with a professional squeegee, but we understand that not all the people know how to use this great tool. In Everclear we can help you clean your windows professionally, so your windows will be like new.

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