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Tips to Hire Professional High-Rise Window Cleaners

We know that some windows are complicated to reach because they are too high. This can happen in high-rise buildings, whether it's a hotel, shopping center or apartment complex.

However, washing high-rise windows is no easy feat and needs specialized equipment and a unique skill set, as it poses numerous safety concerns. Thats why we will give you some reasons to hire our team in the Okanagan Valley or some other place in British Columbia.


Cleaning high-rise windows is dangerous; consequently, you cannot afford to leave the job to a casual employee, as it may be too risky.

Fortunately, professional cleaners usually have the necessary training and skills and are aware of the danger. Thats why our qualified rope access crew has an IRATA certification.


Professional window cleaners come with the necessary supplies and equipment to access and clean high-rise windows from ropes, extension poles, safety anchors or boom lifts.


Professional high-rise window cleaners have been in the business for years and have handled many window cleaning tasks. Our company has three different levels of the IRATA certifications, which means that our crew members need a specific amount of time to reach each level.

Contact us for high-rise window cleaning in Kelowna. If you need another type of high-rise work, we can also help you.

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